Cultivate success with Cultivate Create

By Adam Campbell, digital publisher

When you bring talented and passionate people together, good things tend to happen. So it is with Cultivate Create LLC, a brand new creative ag agency founded by Angela Hernandez, Michele Visser, Jane Olvera Majors and Brianne Adams.

“It’s been something that I’ve wanted to do — something that I always had a vision for and it just naturally came together,” said Hernandez, president of Cultivate Create. Visser holds the position of vice president of business development, Majors is vice president of strategy and Adams is vice president of operations.

According to Hernandez, she and Majors had worked together on some in-house projects and “just clicked immediately.” Several years down the road she and Olvera reconnect on projects and initiate a conversation with her about teaming up. So they spoke, created Cultivate, “And our team just grew,” she said. “I’ve known Michelle for 20 years. She’s a really good friend of mine. Jane knew Brianne and the four of us sat over dinner, broke bread together and that’s how our team came together. It’s really been organically built.”

Cultivate gives the team a way to help other farmers in the industry to market their products. “We understand the business from the ground up and understand the pressures on growers, Hernandez continued. “A lot of farmers don’t market themselves and being in this industry we understand why but we also know why it’s important. We understand their motivations, and their ‘whys’ and can help them tell their stories to the industry in a way that makes sense for them.”

“It’s so important to put it out there, operate in the best way you can and get the industry to understand who you are,” she concluded. “What we bring to the table is that we all have ties to agriculture and it’s not just a job for us — it’s a passion.”

Photo: Clockwise from top left are Angela Hernandez, Brianne Adams, Jane Olvera Majors and Michele Visser.

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